Keeping anxiety in check amidst uncertainty

From The Detail 18 March 2020

Psychologist Karen Nimmo has issued some sage advice about combating your coronavirus fears – included among it, maybe ration your news intake and stop talking about it so much at home, especially in front of the children.

“It’s all around us – there are experts talking about it, it’s new and it’s uncertain, every day and often every hour we’re getting fresh updates. So of course you’re going to be anxious.

Listen to the podcast where she talks to Emile Donovan about keeping anxiety in check amidst uncertainty and  how to talk to your children about Covid-19: you don’t want to underplay it, but you also don’t want to traumatise an eight year-old. Nimmo says if both parents are worried about it, maybe don’t talk about it so much – especially not where flapping ears are taking it all in.

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