High quality early education

Enrol your child and watch them child grow positively from the experience.

As a child, every experience is a learning experience, and high quality early education can make a lasting difference. Children are constantly absorbing knowledge and we can help ensure that your child doesn’t miss out on valuable opportunities to learn.


We take great care in selecting activities and experiences that are educationally rich and enable your child to develop to their own optimum learning level. We provide a large range of actives which are focused on supporting children’s holistic development and emerging interests. Our early education curriculum provides children with a range of experiences and opportunities to enhance and extend their learning and development, both indoors and outdoors, individually and in groups.


We know that children benefit greatly from developing social competence in order to learn with and alongside others. This is a major focus in our centre. We have a whole centre pro-social policy in order for teachers to teach social competence consistently throughout your child’s early education journey.

Health and safety

We always encourage healthy eating, exercise, hygiene, and safety. These very important life skills are constantly reinforced in a gentle but repetitive way. We always look for positive lessons in everything the children do, so you can be confident that your child will benefit from their time with us.

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