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For Parents

Practical information about education for parents and carers. Resources provided by the Ministry of Education. Advice on how to get your young child off to a great start by getting involved in their learning early.


Linkage is here to help you access information and support for your wellbeing.

  • Webhealth
    • Online directory that helps you find a health or social service for your unique needs.
  • Family/whānau support
    • Provides support, information, advocacy, navigation and community engagement services for family/whānau, as well as friends of people who experience challenges due to problems with their mental health and/or addiction.


Offer a wide range of services to support those facing tough times of change, loss, trauma and grief – whatever the cause, and whatever their age.

Help for parents guiding their children through post-earthquake trauma.

Safe and Sound — Helping families coping with disaster

There are some simple things mums and dads can do to help their kids through these difficult times Nigel Latta.

Clinical psychologist Nigel Latta presents information to help parents guide their children through post-earthquake trauma.

Webhealth Website

Information Sheet for Parents

Useful links

  • Get Ready Get Thru
    The information in this website will help you learn about the disasters that can affect you and what you can do to be prepared before they happen. And knowing what to do during and after these disasters will also help you and your loved ones keep safe and get through.
  • EQC
    New Zealanders feel about 150 earthquakes a year. While many are small, those that are strong and close to centres of population can cause great damage and sometimes loss of life. For this reason, it’s important for New Zealanders to know how to prepare for and respond safely to earthquakes.