ERO’s new online resource: Improvement in Action

ERO has released a collection of videos and publications that bring the School Evaluation Indicators to life and showcase schools that are making a significant and positive difference for their learners.

ERO’s School Evaluation Indicators are underpinned by New Zealand and international evidence and research. Their focus is not just on achievement, but also on the importance of wellbeing as a foundation for children to be able to succeed.

The six domains identified within our framework are:

  • Stewardship
  • Leadership for equity and excellence
  • Educationally powerful connections and relationships
  • Responsive curriculum, effective teaching and opportunity to learn
  • Professional capability and collective capacityimprovement_action
  • Evaluation, inquiry and knowledge building for improvement and innovation

These domains are related to school practices, which are school-wide in their emphasis.

The launch of Improvement in Action | Te Ahu Whakamua is the first step in an ongoing development project designed to support professionals and effective education practice.
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