As soon as you step inside, you will see why families love to bring their children to Southside Kids Childcare Centre!


Update 12/05/2020 – Level Two


Thanks to everyone in NZ’s efforts we are almost back normal and we are moving to level 2 on 14/05/2020.

for ECE that means we can accept all children back into the centre.


SSK has been running quite well during level 3. We have been trying to be creative and inventive and make do with what we were able to since safety precautions meant less toys and activities being available for the children. Teachers have also spent a lot of time during each day making sure the environment was safe, regularly cleaning the environment and equipment after use.


since we are able to accept everyone back it would be really helpful if you could contact us and let us know when you plan on returning to the centre so we can ensure we have the right amount of teachers present.

best ways to contact us are to
call us: 3855911
or texting Julie at: 027 5706124

we also ask (and this is very important) that if your child is unwell, you suspect he might be unwell or shows signs of being unwell that you do not bring them in.

this is obviously for everyone’s safety and comfort.

we look forward to seeing everyone


Update 21/4/2020 – who we are opening for!

For those who are unsure whether they should bring their children to the centre during level 3 we have been given a flow chart and a quote from the ministry of education’s website to help highlight whether they should be coming in or not.

“At Alert level 3, all children who can stay at home, should stay at home. This will support physical distancing and reduce the number of people in close proximity in early learning centres.”


We apologize for any inconvenience during these times, we all know you were super excited to see beanie. It has been hectic trying to keep up with all the news and reports coming out.

We sincerely can’t wait till everything is back to normal




Update following the 20/4/2020 PM’s announcement

We hope you have all been safe and well over this past month.

regarding the centre’s reopening, we will be following the Ministry of Educations plan and be opening back up on Wednesday the 29th of April.

we will be having a teachers only day on the 28th to make sure the centre is prepared for reopening.

we ask that any parents planning to return to contact us ether via email or text to let us know when you plan to return so we can work out staffing accordingly.

This is assuming there are no further updates or major changes from the government until then.

we really look forward to seeing everyone and cant wait until everything is back to normal.

I am sure beanie the turtle has missed us all.

Kind regards



Regarding fees during this four week closure

Hello everyone we hope you, your families, and your loved ones are all safe.

Over the past two days we have been trying to contact parents and guardians regarding fees while the centre is closed. You will not be charged fees during the nation-wide shutdown, so we ask that you halt any payments relating to the shutdown period, which commenced 26/03/2020.

We will be in touch with you as soon as we have been authorised to re-open by the government. I will keep this site up-to-date with news of our re-opening date or requirements from the Ministry of Education.

if there are any further concerns i would recommend emailing us at:
or texting Julie at: 027 5706124

As Bennie the turtle is too shy to answer the phone the centre phone won’t be available.

Kind Regards
Stay safe, stay healthy


COVID-19: Alert Status Level 4

The centre will be closing today and will not be open for the next four (4) weeks as per the NZ Government Level 4 nationwide shutdown.

All early childhood centres will close from today for all but children of identified essential workers.

The Ministry of Education is investigating how they will support essential workers with regard to child care and, as some of the parents/carers of children attending the Southside Kids fall into this catergory the status of the centre may change.

The Centre Manager has  everyone’s contact details and will contact all parents/carer if the situation changes.


The centre has adopted the Ministry of Health (MOH) guidelines and will be following all advice issued by the Ministry of Education (MOE) / MOH / NZ Government.

Current MOE guidelines state that there is no need to close the centre as there are only a few cases of COVID-19 and none related to small children.

Prevent the Spreadcovid_19_400

  • Do you feel unwell?
  • Do you have any of these symptons:
    • Cough
    • Fever
    • Breathing difficulties
  • Have been overseas in the last 14 days?
  • Are you close to someone diagnosed with COVID-19?


Call 0800 358 5453 for free advice from a health professional.

We provide a safe and nurturing child care centre and are proud of our reputation within the Wellington community for being dedicated and of course fun!

The curriculum at our child care centre includes routines and regular events/activities, and through children’s and/or teachers initiation, activities that enhance and extend children’s play and thinking. With over 18 years’ experience, we create an environment where children are competent learners.

We focus on children developing social competence to enable them to play and learn with and alongside others. We believe that positive relationships with others is the key to children growing as confident learners and communicators, secure in their sense of belonging and the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society.

Our kids are interested in the world beyond the fence. To encourage their interest and help them learn about their community and the groups and people who support it we have developed a program around the theme of community. This will include exploring what makes the community around the centre special, walk or drives around the community and visits to local community groups (e.g., SPCA).

Our staff:

  • Qualified, registered early childhood teachers
  • Share a passion for teaching
  • Believe in high quality early childhood education
  • Genuinely care for our kids


  • Full time $260 per week or $170 with ECE 20 Hours
  • Daily and half day options available.


Education Review Office (ERO) Review

Children benefit from positive relationships with teachers who know them well. Their learning is celebrated throughout the home-like environment. An emphasis on creative arts is evident. Science and mathematics learning are woven into play-based contexts. Routine times are used well for meaningful learning and discussion. Open-ended questioning supports and enhances children’s thinking. A recent success for the service has seen a range of very useful strategies embedded to promote literacy and oral language.